Please see recent notice regarding pets and feral cats:


Board meetings are generally held bi-monthly the last Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at 5730 S 1475 E., Suite 200, South Ogden.  Everyone is invited!

Community Rules



The notice of rule regarding smoking.

Utah Department of Health Smoke Free Housing Issue.

We will make a case by case basis to see if the fence that the homeowners wish to install will fit in with the general atmosphere of our HOA. Please contact Kristi Spencer with her email at, or at 801-725-2021 for more information.

Satellite dishes must be removed from the stucco and installed on the roof by a licensed installer.  Please see the attached for the correct installation and incorrect installation and the rules regarding satellite dishes.  Also, you are required to fill out an application for satellite installation.  If you don't have a dish, please fill out the application and state you don't have a dish on your property.  Failure to submit an application may result in fines. 

We have completed the stucco on all buildings at Brier Ridge.  Thank you for your patience!

The light bulbs on the garages are scheduled to be replaced monthly, if needed.  Please let Kristi know if any need to be replaced. 

New Rule January 27, 2014 - click here for information.  Owners are responsible for their pets and pet droppings.  If the area around your home contains excessive feces, you will be given a violation notice and will be fined.  If your lawn needs to be replaced, you will be held responsible for that cost.  Also, pets are not to be chained or leashed to a stake or tree.  You must be with your pet at all times and the pet must be leashed.

All visitors are allowed a maximum of 72 hours in the visitor parking.  If there is a special circumstance where your visitor requires additional time, please contact the Board or Managing Agent so that arrangements can be made. 
It is prohibited by the Brier Ridge HOA for anyone to park or block a street or someone’s garage or driveway.  You cannot park in front of your garage because it will block the road or someone’s garage or driveway.  If you park in the road, you will have your vehicle towed without further warning and/or a $100 fine will be levied against you.   Please email or call 385-238-0370 with the license plate and model of any vehicle that appears abandoned or is parking illegally. Call Brett's Towing at 801-621-0017 if your vehicle has been towed.

  • The H.O.A. fee is now $95 per month.  
  • A $25 late fee will be charged for all payments received after the 10th of the month. 
  • INTEREST CHARGE The CCR's state an 18% per annum charge on all fees 30 days past due.  HOA fees are due the 1st of each month and late by the 10th. 

To be part of Brier Ridge you have to follow some rules. Please be aware that rules can change from time to time.  But we will keep them updated on this website

Please remember to lock your house and car doors. Also, please let Kristi know if any lights are out at the garages.

Email Kristi at


It cannot be emphasized enough that you know what the HOA insurance covers and what you, the homeowner, must cover. The HOA carries the Master Policy which covers the inside and outside of your home. 
However, you are responsible  for the HOA deductible of $5,000.   You are also responsible for your personal property, such as couches, TV’s etc.  Please contact your insurance agent and discuss this with them. 

A simple explanation is that large claims are covered by the HOA policy and small claims are covered by the homeowner’s policy.  This is a “NO FAULT” insurance coverage so if a neighbor’s pipes break and flood your home, you are responsible for repairs up to $5,000.  If you have insurance that covers the $5,000, you will only have to pay your personal deductible. We suggest you make that deductible as low as possible ($250).  So if your home floods, you pay $250 and your insurance pays up to $5,000.   Once the $5,000 has been paid by your insurance, the HOA insurance covers claims over $5,000. 

When a claim occurs, you are responsible to contact your insurance agent and a contractor to get a bid for the repairs.  We recommend that  you talk to your insurance agent and make sure your insurance policy covers your personal property, the $5,000 deductible for the HOA’s insurance policy, sewer backup rider, and a loss assessment rider.  Please contact one of the Board members or Kristi Spencer if there is a problem that would be covered by insurance and let them know what is going on. We can coordinate with you, the insurance companies and the contractor to get the problem resolved.
If you have any questions regarding the HOA's insurance policy, please contact Platinum Insurance, Parker Reed, phone number: (801) 475-5765 or email: 

​To pay  by check make check payable to:
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HOA Dues

Please see March 2018 notice regarding pets, with a special section regarding cats.